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Choosing From Among Competitive Airdrie Electric Providers

So you're ready to make the switch to a new competitive plan from one of the electricity companies in Airdrie? Choosing a new electricity plan doesn't have to be like pulling teeth. Whether you've switched natural gas or electricity providers in the past or you're a complete novice to navigating the waters of the deregulated Alberta energy system, you're already on the right track. Choosing a new plan from one of the many Airdrie electric providers is much easier with the help of

For example, do you know…

  1. What type of electricity rates in Airdrie to look for?
  2. Whether or not signing a long-term contract is a good idea?
  3. How to request electricity produced through renewable methods?
  4. How to make sure you have the freedom to choose providers whenever the mood strikes you?

If you answered no to any of these questions, read on for some great tips about getting the most out of the deregulated system through great electric prices in Airdrie, Alberta!

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The many rate structures of competitive electricity companies in Airdrie

Before going any further, take a look at your existing bill. On it you should find an amount listed in cents per kilowatt hour, or kWh. This is the supply rate you're currently paying for electricity. When you begin shopping around for electricity rates in Airdrie from different companies, you'll need to compare the rates they offer to the rate you're currently paying.

In addition to the actual supply cost, there are different ways electricity rates in Airdrie are structured. Some Airdrie electric providers offer several types of rate structures, while others specialize in just one. Three of the most common structures are secured, variable and indexed rates.

Secured electricity rates in Airdrie remain the same for the duration of a contract, variable rates go up and down with the energy market, and indexed rates go up and down based on the fluctuations of a single commodity within the energy market. The electric prices in Airdrie you pay will be determined in large part by the rate attached to your plan.

Choosing a plan based on the length of its contract

Before you choose a plan from one of the competitive electricity companies in Airdrie, make sure you've read the agreement carefully. Every plan you choose from competitive Airdrie electric providers will include a contract of some kind, but some are briefer than others. Be sure you know what you're getting into before signing anything, whether you're looking for a deal for your home or your business in Alberta. Longer contracts offer long-term stability, but if the energy market takes a steep dive, you could wind up paying a higher rate.

Supporting renewable energy

Today there are many competitive Airdrie power companies offering green energy plans and upgrades. In most cases you don't have to purchase a renewable energy package, but it's often affordable to do so. When you're getting ready to finalize your new electric plan, ask your agent about adding a renewable energy provision and you'll be able to protect the environment every day.

Flexibility isn't always the gold standard

It would seem having the flexibility to move around would be a good thing, especially in a commodity market as volatile as energy, but that volatility is actually what makes secured-rate plans so enticing. While choosing a plan with a limited contract period allows you the freedom to move from one Airdrie electric provider to the next relatively easily, longer contracts could help you keep your rates steady if the market continues to rise month after month.

Still have questions? Be sure to jot them down and ask representatives at the Airdrie power companies of your choice!