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Selecting Among Competitive Lloydminster Natural Gas Companies

How closely have you looked at your natural gas bill lately? If it's been a while since you've read over anything besides the amount due, you may want to think about doing some comparison shopping for natural gas prices in Lloydminster. Alberta business owners and residents alike have the ability to take their energy costs into their own hands by selecting a plan in Lloydminster from any of the many competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers operating in the province.

What is expected of competitive Lloydminster natural gas companies?

Energy deregulation is a government policy that presents consumers with specific rights when it comes to their energy supply. Prior to deregulation, large utility companies dominated the energy space in Lloydminster and elsewhere because customers had to pay them for both natural gas supply and transportation.

Deregulation allowed new groups to enter the field as competitive marketers of natural gas supply. Consumers are now able to either continue on with a regulated rate through their utility or shop around for the Lloydminster gas rates of their choice from the many competitive marketers licensed to operate within Alberta.

Why should I shop for natural gas prices in Lloydminster?

The primary reason anyone would compare offers from of natural gas prices in Lloydminster is to get a new rate. Getting the best deal is really up to you and how much research you're willing to do before entering a new agreement.

As with any other market, there are good natural gas plans and there are great natural gas plans. What makes the natural gas market different is that the disparity between a good plan and a great plan isn't universal. It all depends on what your individual usage patterns and needs are in Lloydminster. Not all gas providers offer the same things, and they definitely don't offer the same Lloydminster gas rates.

Why natural gas has a big future

If you're not already aware, natural gas has a bright future in North America, which is in part what has driven down the price of natural gas in Lloydminster. Here in Canada and in the United States, the energy industry's embrace of hydraulic fracturing drilling techniques has led to a boom in natural gas supply. This cleaner-burning fossil fuel is touted by some experts as the perfect complement to a renewable energy model. Just think of the many things in Lloydminster that can or already are powered by natural gas, such as:

  • HVAC systems
  • Water heaters
  • Vehicles (with liquefied natural gas)
  • Stoves/Grills
  • Power plants

Complementing the low price of natural gas in Lloydminster is the ease with which the fuel could be used in many more applications. With the right infrastructure upgrades, and the abundant supply brought on by hydraulic fracturing, natural gas could provide all the backup power we need to compensate for the off-hours of renewable energy generators like solar panels and wind turbines.

Finding the best natural gas prices in Lloydminster

Whatever you need from regulated-rate suppliers or competitive gas providers, by shopping around you're sure to find great natural gas prices in Lloydminster. Here at, we've done the hard work for you. Our entire site is built around presenting you with information about the competitive marketers offering great Lloydminster gas rates, as well as the utilities operating within Alberta's borders.

Select your home town from the list below to see which competitive Lloydminster electric providers offer the supply you need.

Lloydminster Area Cities and Towns:

DewberryEdgertonFrog LakeHayter
MarwayneMcLaughlinParadise ValleyRivercourse
StreamstownTulliby LakeVermilionWainwright

Now that you're ready to get a better deal from Lloydminster natural gas providers, get to work! You're already off to a great start.