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Learning about ATCO Electric Rates and ATCO Gas in Lethbridge

Are you searching for a new electricity or natural gas supply plan for your Alberta home or business? Do you live in an area with ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric pipe- and power lines? You might be eligible to select a regulated rates provider or a supply plan offered by one of a number of competitive marketers.

With, you can read into some of the opportunities available for electricity and natural gas supply in your area as a result of the energy market being deregulated in Alberta. So before you go with your gut and jump into a new energy plan, take the time to educate yourself on some of your options.

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Atco Gas MagrathAtco Gas MonarchAtco Gas New DaytonAtco Gas Nobleford
Atco Gas Picture ButteAtco Gas RaymondAtco Gas ShaughnessyAtco Gas Spring Coulee
Atco Gas Stand OffAtco Gas StirlingAtco Gas TurinAtco Gas Welling

A history of ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric in Alberta

For more than a century, residents and owners of businesses of various sizes all over Alberta have trusted ATCO Group and its various companies with the delivery and transmission of their natural gas and electricity. The company serves at least 1.1 million customers in close to 300 Alberta communities, and can provide rates regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission. It is the company's job to safely construct, operate and maintain the wires, poles and pipes that deliver your energy, all while offering reliable customer care and trying to better the communities it serves.

With service provided by ATCO Gas and ATCO Electric, customers have access to a 24-hour emergency support line, which can be used to report pipe leaks, downed power lines, outages and other irregularities.

More on deregulation in Alberta and ATCO electric rates

Prior to the deregulation of energy in Alberta in 1985, utility companies were the only available options for energy supply. No matter if you thought the rates these companies charged were overly expensive, you had to either pay them or live off the grid.

Since the early days of deregulation, the energy market has changed drastically. Now customers of ATCO Gas, in Lethbridge or elsewhere, have the opportunity to choose and switch to a competitive marketer that offers a supply rate for natural gas that is optimal for their budget, but if ATCO is the utility serving your area, it will deliver your gas. And the same goes for ATCO Electric in Lethbridge. ATCO power lines deliver your electricity whether or not you opt for ATCO Electric.

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of an energy supply plan. You should take the current cost you pay per GJ of natural gas or kWh of electricity and compare that with the rates offered by other competitive marketers serving in your neighbourhood.

In the community

One of the things that has turned ATCO into a responsible company that customers have trusted over the years is its willingness to make an impact in the neighborhoods it serves. Whether that means supporting youth groups, nonprofit organizations or volunteer days, the company is active in giving back.

If you have an interest in learning about ATCO Electric and ATCO Gas in Lethbridge or supply offered by competitive marketers in your area, take a look around the rest of or call in with any questions you might have about getting a great rate for your energy!


Updated: 8-11-15.