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Discover Burst Energy: An Alberta Electricity Supplier

Burst Energy has been offering Alberta electricity supply in Calgary since December of 2014. This competitive Calgary electric company is a boutique retailer that is part of the Utility Network & Partners, better known as UTILITYnet. While it is a young company, Burst Energy went into business with a mission in mind. As seen on its website, Burst Energy wants a bright future for Alberta because the province is its home. The supplier keeps all of its operations in Calgary to stimulate the economy. From customer service, right down to the locally developed software, all of Burst Energy is local to Calgary.

A boutique retailer, offering Alberta electricity

Burst Energy is one of several Alberta electricity retailers that are a part of UTILITYnet. Each of these retailers is a small competitive electricity retailer, often catering to a specific city or purpose. This supplier states that it became a retail Calgary electric company to create more competition amongst suppliers so consumers can reap the benefits of competitive energy plans. It believes that offering Alberta electricity supply is not only a way to support its employees' families, it's also a way to help the community.

Competitive Calgary electric companies offer alternative rates

Burst Energy and other competitive Alberta electricity companies exist to create alternative rates for consumers who would prefer another option. These companies did not exist prior to the mid-1990s because before then, the electricity market was regulated. Deregulation separated the distribution and supply portions of the electricity business, allowing for an open supply market that creates competition. Alberta energy consumers now have the ability to choose between the regulated rate option from their utility, a plan from a large, established energy company or a smaller boutique retailer like Burst Energy. It's all a matter of what a consumer feels is the best option for the consumer's home or business.

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Source: Updated: 3-17-15.