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Choosing a Marketer to Supply Your Business Energy

Just as residents of Alberta are able to choose from among the many energy marketers for the most competitive deal on their electricity and natural gas supply, businesses in the province are afforded the same freedoms. Whether you're looking for a new commercial electric plan or a different offer on natural gas for business, shopping around is to your advantage – particularly if your business energy consumption makes up a large portion of your budget.

Take a few minutes today to collect commercial rates from several of the competitive energy marketers in your area of Alberta. You could find a new rate on your commercial energy supply.

Finding the right energy for business prices

Unlike shopping for a residential energy plan, there are a few hoops to jump through while exploring business energy rates. This is mostly because there's more room for negotiation when you're shopping for commercial rates, whether you're talking about gas for business or commercial power supplies. In comparison to the average residential account, business power usage is generally much more significant by volume. That difference means competitive retailers are more interested in working with business customers on price.

When you submit a business energy lead, be sure to pay close attention to what each retailer comes back with. There's absolutely no reason not to compare one to another. The deregulated energy system is all about making sure customers of all types get the best deal on energy possible. That's why the system isn't limited to residential customers and why commercial rates are competitive.

But where do you begin? That's easy — right here at! We've gathered valuable information about many of the competitive energy suppliers and utilities serving Alberta.

Rate structures matter

Business energy plans come with many of the same rate structures as residential plans. Whether you're looking at secured or variable rates, there are very specific concerns that need to be addressed before you sign any type of agreement.

I'm looking into secured-rate plans on commercial power and natural gas supplies:
Secured rates don't necessarily translate to multiple years of commitment anymore. In many cases, you can sign up for a secured-rate plan for your business that carries with it a term counted in months rather than years. It all depends on the provider.

I'm looking at variable-rate plans for my business energy needs:
Most of the time, the most competitive energy for business prices are found with variable-rate products. While these exceptional price points are usually what draw people in to these products, they're more often than not an introductory rate. It's also important to note that variable-rate products offer both the chance for lower rates and the risk of higher costs at the same time. When costs on the energy market as a whole fall, commercial rates that are variable will fall as well. But the opposite is also true during periods of market inflation.

Business prices for energy are negotiable

Determining the best type of rate structure for your business power needs is all about exploring your past consumption patterns. Most commercial power customers usually consume close to the same amount of energy from one year to the next. That consistency makes it easy to project what costs need to be budgeted for based on a new rate – whatever it should happen to be.

One of the first things an agent will ask you for once you're on the phone is an estimated monthly usage statistic. Based on this figure, he or she will have a better idea of how many potential discounts and incentives to offer you for becoming a customer. Never forget that you have the upper hand in each of these discussions. Competitive energy marketers are in the business of signing up and retaining customers – especially customers who offer them a significant amount of incoming business, as many commercial electric and gas customers do.

Don't squander profits on overpriced energy

If you haven't shopped for an energy plan recently, it's high time you did so. Natural gas rates have tumbled in recent years, and the market is more competitive now than ever before. Take advantage of being one of the many companies doing business in Alberta and switch business power plans today!