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Understand Your Options for Cardston Electricity

The city of Cardston owns and operates its own electricity distribution system. It does not, however, offer regulated supply rates for its customers like some other utilities. Customers of the Cardston electric utility who would like regulated supply rates must purchase electrical supply from ENMAX. Otherwise, they may choose a competitive electrical retailer that offers supply plans for the utility area. But regardless of whether a Cardston consumer is purchasing supply from ENMAX at regulated rates or a competitive electrical retailer, he or she will still receive distribution from the Cardston utility.

Finding a competitive electrical retailer in Cardston

Consumers who want to find a supply plan from a competitive electrical retailer in Cardston need not look far. Because of Alberta energy deregulation, an abundance of competitive electrical retailers offer energy plans in the area. This is because energy deregulation opened the market to competition among suppliers. Consumers who live in the deregulated market have the opportunity to explore options provided by competitive electrical retailers to see if they can find a plan that fits with what they are looking for.

Cardston natural gas distribution is handled by ATCO Gas

In Cardston, ATCO Gas handles the distribution of natural gas. It owns and operates the infrastructure that manages the delivery of the product. Like the Cardston electric utility, ATCO Gas does not directly offer regulated supply rates for consumers in its service areas. Instead, ATCO Gas regulated rate options are the responsibility of Direct Energy Regulated Services. If a natural gas consumer does not want to purchase supply at regulated rates from Direct Energy Regulated Services, he or she has the ability to find a competitive electrical retailer with a plan that's well-suited to his or her needs.

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Trying to find the right energy plan for your home or business can be a lot more work than you'd anticipate. The deregulated energy market has plenty of options and to get the best plan for your energy needs, it's important to know what is available in your area. That's why did the research. Our site details options you have as an Alberta energy consumer. If you're looking into finding a new energy supplier for your home or business, use our site for your research, then give us a call. Take advantage of your deregulated market – exercise your power to choose!

Source: Updated: 3-2-2015.