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Exploring the ENMAX EasyMax Program

Most people in Alberta are familiar with ENMAX in one way or another. ENMAX Power serves some Albertans as a regional utility while ENMAX Energy operates as a competitive marketing arm of the larger ENMAX corporation. As the competitive marketing brand EasyMax, Enmax Energy offers residential and business access to electricity and natural gas supply solutions across Alberta.

This page is in reference to the ENMAX EasyMax program. As a result of the energy market in Alberta operating within a deregulated model, the utility arm and marketing arm of ENMAX must operate independently of one another. For those interested in exploring something other than the regulated rate options, EasyMax rates may be just what you've had in mind.

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Choosing the best EasyMax rates

The main thing you should be concerned with when shopping for a new competitive energy plan is how it stacks up next to your current plan. Whether you're already a customer of the ENMAX EasyMax program or you're just beginning to explore your options, there's really no point in switching if you aren't able to find a more affordable solution.

That being said, all energy plans are not created equal. While you could choose a new plan purely on the supply rate it came with, you may not be getting a better deal holistically. There are many types of rate structures and other variables you should take into account before getting your heart set on a new plan.

Your first step should always be to figure out what you're looking for from an energy plan, regardless of whether you're talking about sticking with your utility's regulated rate option or opting for a new solution from EasyMax. ENMAX Energy customers are often able to select from a variety of plan options, so now is the time to do your homework.

Contrasting price protected- and variable-rate plans

The primary difference between price protected- and variable supply rates is that one does not change while the other fluctuates consistently.

Secured EasyMax rates: If you're looking for price protection, choose a secured-rate plan. By selecting a secured rate you won't have to concern yourself with the ups and downs of the volatile energy market. Regardless of what happens you'll pay the same rate per kilowatt hour of electricity or gigajoule of natural gas you consume, as long as your contract is valid.

Variable EasyMax rates: Choosing a variable-rate plan from EasyMax means opting for the "floating rate plan." By choosing one of these plans your rate per kilowatt hour or gigajoule of gas will go up and down depending on overall market conditions. If the market is particularly low one month, having this sort of plan from the ENMAX EasyMax program could mean you'll pay lower rates than some customers with other plans. Unfortunately the opposite is also the case. If the market is particularly high, customers with a floating-rate plan may pay higher rates than some customers.

Doing research on a plan from EasyMax, an ENMAX solution

Here at you can do all the preliminary research you need to conduct before shopping around for energy plans. Not only have we profiled competitive marketers including EasyMax, we've also gathered basic information on the utilities operating across Alberta.

The best way to find a better energy plan is to get quotes on service from several companies with several rate structures. From there, all you have to do is narrow the field down to the most desirable options based on your usage history and overall energy needs.

Some companies even offer special perks to customers, such as the EasyMax Rewards® program. If you're interested in signing up for a plan with added perks, that's just one more thing you'll need to ask about when you inquire with representatives from competitive marketers.

Making a final decision

Once you've had the time to compare information on your regulated rate supplier and several competitive marketers in your area at, you'll be well on your way to getting the energy plan you're looking for. From EasyMax to Vector Energy, has done the legwork for you. All you have to do now is call and receive rate quotes for your home or business.

Usually all it takes is one phone call to the energy company you've chosen in the end to get everything set up. You won't have to change anything about your consumption; the only thing that will change is the rate you pay for each unit of energy you use!

Updated: 7-17-2015