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Competitive Energy Supply with ENMAX Energy Plans

Are you in the market for a new electricity or natural gas supply plan for your Alberta home or business? Then you should do some research to determine whether ENMAX Energy's Choose Light or EasyMax programs or those offered by other Alberta competitive energy marketers are available in your area.

Residents and business owners throughout many regions of Alberta are probably familiar with ENMAX Corporation in some way. ENMAX Power serves as a utility for Calgary, and ENMAX Energy operates as a competitive marketing arm of the larger ENMAX Corporation. As a competitive marketer, ENMAX Energy offers residential and commercial access to electricity and natural gas supply solutions across Alberta through its Choose Light and EasyMax programs. Customers interested in ENMAX Energy plans can register for these solutions separately or bundle them, with options for fixed or floating supply rates.

The ENMAX Energy Choose Light and EasyMax programs are a result of the energy market in Alberta becoming deregulated many years ago. Since this legislative ruling, consumers can choose energy supply plans from a variety of marketers with different incentives. Alberta energy consumers can shop around and find the best marketer and plan for their home or business.  

To get started, find your Alberta city or town name below to discover what may be available.

Enmax AirdrieEnmax BonnyvilleEnmax BrooksEnmax Calgary
Enmax CamroseEnmax CanmoreEnmax CochraneEnmax Cold Lake
Enmax DrumhellerEnmax EdmontonEnmax EdsonEnmax Fort Saskatchewan
Enmax Grande PrairieEnmax High RiverEnmax HintonEnmax Lacombe
Enmax Lacombe CountyEnmax LeducEnmax Leduc CountyEnmax Lethbridge
Enmax LloydminsterEnmax Mountain ViewEnmax OkotoksEnmax Parkland
Enmax PonokaEnmax Red DeerEnmax Red Deer CountyEnmax Spruce Grove
Enmax St. AlbertEnmax Stony PlainEnmax StrathmoreEnmax Sturgeon County
Enmax Sylvan LakeEnmax TaberEnmax VermilionEnmax Wetaskiwin
Enmax WhitecourtEnmax Yellowhead County

Choose Light and EasyMax plans in Alberta

All energy plans are not created equal. While you certainly could select a supply plan strictly on the initial price you see, it is recommended that you dig a little deeper. With some research, you'll find there are a number of plan structures and variables that affect the outcome of your monthly and annual energy bill. For instance, customers intrigued by Choose Light or EasyMax plans might be interested to discover that they can select from a variety of options, including:

  • Fixed Choose Light or EasyMax rates: If you desire price protection, you should go with a fixed-rate supply plan. By selecting a fixed rate, there are little concerns for the consumer over the volatility of the energy market. Customers who choose this option pay the same rate per kilowatt hour of electricity or gigajoule of natural gas they consume.
  • Floating Choose Light or EasyMax rates: When you choose the floating-rate supply plan offered by ENMAX Energy, you opt for what is also considered a variable rate. With one of these plans, your supply rate per kilowatt hour of electricity or gigajoule of natural gas can go up or down, depending on overall conditions of the energy market. If the market is low one month, having this sort of plan could mean paying lower rates than customers with other plans. However, the opposite is true if the market is high – customers with a floating-rate plan may pay higher rates than some customers.

Making a decision for your future and your wallet

Whether you're hoping to find out about energy plans offered by ENMAX Energy or another competitive marketer in Alberta, chances are can help. Take a look around to see what's available in your area or call in today with any questions you might have. What are you waiting for? Get going and find an energy plan that works for you!

Source: Updated: 12-18-2015.