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Searching for Electricity Supply with EPCOR Power, Alberta Residents?

In Alberta, residents and business owners alike have the right to choose from which company they get their electricity supply if they live in an area with a deregulated energy market. A deregulated energy market allows customers to select a rate structure and supply plan that are optimal for their needs. So whether they're debating going with a competitive rate offered by a particular marketer or they're in search of a new green energy supply plan, customers have the power of choice in their hands.

Of course, for customers who live in a deregulated market but don't feel the need to search for an alternative rate, they can certainly choose to continue using the services provided by companies such as EPCOR utilities, a branch of EPCOR Alberta.

In the case of companies such as EPCOR Alberta, there are two options. EPCOR Alberta operates as both a competitive marketer – selling Encor electricity and natural gas plans – and as the EPCOR utilities service – transmitting and distributing energy from generation plants to homes and commercial businesses – in cities such as Edmonton, Taber and Banff.

What do customers get with EPCOR power solutions and EPCOR utilities service?

As a wire service provider, EPCOR utilities service:

  • Delivers electricity
  • Maintains and operates the series of wires and poles that connects generation plants to buildings throughout towns and cities
  • Responds to all emergencies, including downed power lines and power outages
  • Installs and reads power meters that determine hourly, daily and monthly consumption

To learn more about EPCOR power solutions and rate-regulated service offered in your area, read on or find your city or town name below.

Epcor AirdrieEpcor BonnyvilleEpcor BrooksEpcor Calgary
Epcor CamroseEpcor CanmoreEpcor CochraneEpcor Cold Lake
Epcor DrumhellerEpcor EdmontonEpcor EdsonEpcor Fort Saskatchewan
Epcor Grande PrairieEpcor High RiverEpcor HintonEpcor Lacombe
Epcor Lacombe CountyEpcor LeducEpcor Leduc CountyEpcor Lethbridge
Epcor LloydminsterEpcor Mountain ViewEpcor OkotoksEpcor Parkland
Epcor PonokaEpcor Red DeerEpcor Red Deer CountyEpcor Spruce Grove
Epcor St. AlbertEpcor Stony PlainEpcor StrathmoreEpcor Sturgeon County
Epcor Sylvan LakeEpcor TaberEpcor VermilionEpcor Wetaskiwin
Epcor WhitecourtEpcor Yellowhead County

Opting for EPCOR rates in Alberta

EPCOR utilities have been available in Alberta since the turn of the 20th century, and EPCOR Alberta has always searched for the safest and most reliable ways to deliver electricity and clean water to its consumers.

It's important to remember that when you decide to stay on board with the utility serving your neighbourhood, you cannot select your supply rate. EPCOR Alberta charges customers a single regulated rate that is determined by the government and is liable to fluctuate from month to month based on variations in the energy market. When signing on for EPCOR power supply, you will also pay fixed charges for delivery and maintenance that are set by EPCOR Alberta in order to cover its costs each month.

Comparing EPCOR utilities service and EPCOR power supply to other competitive marketers

If you're interested in learning more about EPCOR power and EPCOR utilities services in your region, or if you'd like to compare the competitive marketing arm of EPCOR Alberta to other marketers in the same area, take a look at the other company pages listed on You can discover how EPCOR Alberta and EPCOR utilities stack up against some of the other options. The first step to making an informed decision for your future energy bills is to understand what's out there! Source:

Updated: 8-11-15