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Looking to Learn More about EPCOR Power, Lacombe Residents?

When you rent or purchase a home or business in Alberta, you can either opt to stay with the utility that automatically delivers your electricity or search for an alternative energy supply plan offered by a competitive marketer that works best for your needs and your budget.

If you decide to stick with EPCOR utilities and the regulated rate option from EPCOR in Lacombe, it is recommended that you learn a bit more about the company and its operations in Lacombe to determine whether it has what you're looking for. Then, compare what you see from other companies. Not all plans are created equal, so you should do your homework to find a company that you like and a payment structure that you're comfortable with.

Why should you consider EPCOR in Lacombe and EPCOR power solutions?

Keep in mind that with utilities like EPCOR in Lacombe you will not get to choose the type of plan or rate per kWh you consume, as the company offers a single regulated rate to all its customers for electricity supply. That rate is monitored by the provincial government, and it fluctuates each month depending on the state of certain aspects in the energy market. However, EPCOR Lacombe does also offer competitive marketer plans through Encor.

To discover more about EPCOR utilities and EPCOR power solutions, find a city or town near you.

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A history of EPCOR power supply and EPCOR rates in Lacombe

EPCOR's lineage in Alberta dates back to 1891, when the company began as Edmonton Electric Lighting and Power Company. Following suit of the company's founders and its subsidiaries over the years, EPCOR utilities provide residents of Edmonton and many other communities with energy supply they can count on.

EPCOR power solutions serve more than 360,000 customers in the Edmonton area. In addition to services in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan, residents in Arizona and New Mexico also have access to EPCOR utilities in the form of regulated water provision.

EPCOR is working for a stronger customer base and community

EPCOR utilities strive to meet the needs of each customer by utilizing a customer service team that is available five days a week to answer any questions and respond to inconveniences or emergencies. The EPCOR utilities team is also able to help customers start and end service, set up bill payments and understand power consumption habits in their home or business. In addition to customer care, EPCOR actively supports groups and organizations around town with donations, volunteer hours and sponsorships.

If you're a resident or business owner in an area serviced by EPCOR power supply and EPCOR utilities, browse or call in to discover additional options from competitive marketers today!


Updated: 8-11-15