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Get Energy Offers Alberta Electricity Supply

Get Energy is an Alberta electricity retailer that offers competitive supply plans to the regional municipality of Wood Buffalo and other areas of Alberta. This boutique retailer is a part of Utility Network & Partners, also known as UTILITYnet. With its offices in Wood Buffalo, Get Energy is a locally owned and operated company.

Alternative energy plans for the Alberta electricity market

As a competitive Alberta electricity retailer, Get Energy offers alternative energy plans to consumers in the province. These energy plans are available in a variety of forms that could be a better fit for a consumer's budget. Energy plans vary from supplier to supplier but typically come in the following forms:

  • Stable-rate plans allow consumers to pay the same rate per kWh for the duration of their plan. These energy plans could be a good fit for homes or businesses that would like to know exactly what rate they will be paying for their energy. Stable-rate plans typically involve an agreement with a timeframe.
  • Floating-rate plans follow the spot market value of the energy. Some marketers, such as Get Energy, charge the market price plus a certain amount. For example, Get Energy charges the market price plus an additional charge per kWh. Floating plans are a good fit for consumers who want to pay the market value but do not want the regulated rate option.
  • Senior rates are exclusive rates for qualifying senior citizens. These stable rates allow residents who are age 60 and up to pay a lower rate per kWh for the duration of their agreement. Senior rates are intended to accommodate the fixed income of retired persons.

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We understand how important it is that you find an energy plan that fits your needs. At we understand that electricity plans aren't one-size-fits-all. Every home and business is different and therefore the energy needs of each consumer vary from case to case. We've detailed the energy options in Alberta, so get to know what's available by reading over our site. After that, pick up the phone and connect with one of our energy specialists.

Source: Updated: 3-17-15.