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There are some marketers that just seem to rise above the rest, and Just Energy in Alberta is one of them. Serving some 1.8 million customers across Canada and the U.S., Just Energy offers a wide variety of natural gas and electricity plans aimed at serving the needs of residents and businesses alike. What's more, Just Energy has taken a strong position on green energy and has green options at reasonable prices.

When you're looking to switch your competitive electricity or natural gas supplier in Alberta, be sure to request a Just Energy quote to compare with the rest of the offers you collect. Doing so is easy. All you have to do is look for the Just Energy contact number and ask a friendly representative for rates. In no time you'll have a list of options specifically tailored to your needs from Just Energy in Alberta!

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The perks of choosing Just Energy rates

While Just Energy rates are some of the best on the market, there are other reasons to choose a plan from Just Energy. One of the most pronounced of these benefits is the type of rate structures available on Just Energy electricity and natural gas plans.

For example, if you’re interested in locking in your rate for months or years to come, look no further than Just Energy. Contact a representative now to learn all there is to know about the details of various plans!

Understanding the differences between rate structures

Before you reach out to a Just Energy contact – or any other marketer – you should try to have a basic understanding of the types of rates you may be presented with. In general, energy marketers tend to offer three types of rate structures – fixed, variable and indexed. Each of these structures has its own benefits and limitations:

Price protected rates: One of the most popular rate structures,price protected-rate plans are what you'd expect: a plan with a supply rate that does not waver. From one month to the next with a price protected-rate plan you'll pay the same amount for every unit of electricity or natural gas you consume. Price protected-rate plans are great if you're interested in securing the same rate for anywhere from a few months to five years! Just Energy in Alberta also offers a flat fee plan where the bill you pay every month does not change. As long as you stay under a certain usage of Just Energy electricity or gas, you pay the same bill amount month after month. This product leaves you with no billing surprises, even during months of extreme weather!

Variable rates: Variable-rate plans are nearly the opposite of price protected-rate plans for gas and electricity. Instead of having a rate that doesn't change, variable-rate plan pricing changes from one month to the next. These changes are based on the overall market conditions in the energy sphere, and thus can be somewhat unpredictable. While market prices are down, customers with variable-rate plans have the opportunity to enjoy low electricity and gas rates. Likewise, if market prices are high, variable-rate customers may see their energy costs rise.

Indexed rates: In some ways indexed-rate plans offer customers the best of both worlds. While still offering flexible rates, unlike variable-rate options these plans are tied to the pricing of a specific commodity. Often these commodities are more stable than the overall energy market, and thus provide a bit more predictability for consumers.

Ask your Just Energy contact which rate structure might fit your needs best!

There's a Just Energy quote for everyone

Here in Alberta, all sorts of people have the opportunity to choose a plan from Just Energy. Business customers can request a quote just as easily as residential consumers. What's more, Just Energy business quotes even have a bit of flexibility, depending on the size of the account.

Whether you're looking for a Just Energy gas plan for your home or a competitive Just Energy quote for your fledgling small business, you're in luck.

Selecting Just Energy in Alberta

Just Energy opened its doors in 1997, and ever since it has grown responsibly and continuously. Considering the company's reputation and its consistent customer service record, you may be ready to request a quote from a Just Energy contact today. If so, all you need to do is pick up the phone, and in minutes you can be set up with a new plan from Just Energy in Alberta.

Updated: 7-17-2015