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Going Local with City of Lethbridge Utilities and Lethbridge Power Supply

If you are a resident of the City of Lethbridge in Alberta, you have the right to choose whether you'd like to continue utilizing Lethbridge utilities for electricity in your home or switch to energy supply offered by one of a number of competitive marketers serving the area. That's the benefit of living in a deregulated energy market – you get options.

How do Lethbridge utilities and Lethbridge power supply compare with services offered by competitive marketers?

In Canada, a competitive marketer buys a bulk amount of electricity or natural gas from a wholesaler, and then charges the consumer a rate for the amount he or she consumes. It offers supply plans that carry different terms and contract lengths and tend to either be classified as fixed rate or floating rate.

  • Fixed-rate supply plans allow customers to lock in a rate per kWh of electricity they consume for a long-term contract. Contract lengths vary and each competitive marketer decides whether to charge cancellation and entry fees.
  • Floating-rate supply plans allow customers the freedom to switch providers at the end of each month. There is no long-term contract to sign, so no chance of cancellation or entry fees. With a floating rate plan, the price a customer pays for each kWh he or she consumes is likely to change from month to month.

With Lethbridge power supply, however, you get both supply services and public utilities. Lethbridge power services are in charge of maintaining and operating the poles and wires that deliver electricity from a generation plant directly to your doorstep. Lethbridge does not produce the electricity you consume. Consumers who opt for Lethbridge power services or supply from a marketer serving their area will pay delivery and maintenance fees for the utility's services.

The benefits of Lethbridge utilities and Lethbridge power services

Lethbridge utilities and regulated rates are available for residential, commercial and industrial consumers. In an effort to simplify the payment process and encourage a greener future, the city utilizes eUtility paperless billing, which allows customers to check their balance and payment history and compare each month's electricity consumption, anywhere, anytime.

Opting for electricity supply with Lethbridge utilities

If you live in an area where Lethbridge utilities are made available, just because you have the option to switch to supply provided by a competitive marketer, that doesn't mean you have to. But with, you can discover companies that might be serving your region, so if don’t want Lethbridge power supply, take a look around or call with any questions!


Updated: 8-11-15