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Looking for a Renewable Energy Company?

In today's energy industry there are an ever-increasing number of companies offering renewable energy solutions. You don't even have to seek out an elite group of renewable energy companies anymore to support the most advanced energy technology. Today, many of the most popular competitive energy marketers in Alberta, such as Just Energy, offer green energy plans.

If going green is a priority for you, it's time to look a little closer at the many renewable energy companies operating in Alberta. All it takes is some research and a willingness to spend a little bit more on your energy supply to secure a plan from a renewable energy company that will power your home and work to reduce your personal impact on the world's ecosystems.

The many types of alternative energy companies

While most of us have heard of the popular types of green energy companies, such as a solar energy company or wind energy company, there are other firms out there developing all sorts of renewable energy projects. Whether you're talking about harvesting oils from algae or putting new types of buoys offshore to capture the ever-present energy of tides, there is a wide variety of clean energy companies experimenting with new sources of energy.

While there is a growing presence of solar power in Alberta, the fact remains that much of the province is supplied with energy produced from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. By signing up for a plan from one of the renewable energy companies in Alberta you'll help further the cause of green energy as a whole. The more of us that commit to purchasing our energy supply from alternative energy companies, the more these companies will be able to make it.

Choosing practical green energy companies

If you're more interested in investing in a renewable energy company that can help you offset your energy consumption from fossil fuels directly, you're probably best suited for signing up with a competitive Alberta electricity or natural gas supplier with plans designed specifically to do just that.

Purchasing a green electricity supply is actually easier than finding an equivalent for your natural gas supply. If you're looking to support solar power in Alberta, you need to locate a solar energy company and purchase your supply from it.

When you purchase a green electricity plan from a renewable energy company, it's not as though you actually have wind or solar electricity pumped directly to your outlets. Instead, the supply you purchase from renewable energy companies is simply added to the giant pot that is the energy grid. Purchasing a green energy plan means your energy use will be offset in the grand scheme of things because an equivalent to your usage was produced by a renewable energy company.

Why alternative energy companies don't offer natural gas

The reason there aren't natural gas plans from green energy companies is because natural gas is a fossil fuel, and therefore cannot be a product of clean energy companies. Unlike a solar energy company, which produces a green energy product, natural gas companies cannot simply produce ecofriendly gas. You can however offset your natural gas consumption by purchasing carbon offsets or renewable energy credits.

Carbon offsets and renewable energy credits are investments in renewable energy projects. You can purchase as many or as few as you wish, but in order to balance out the impact of your natural gas consumption you have to determine your carbon footprint first. There are plenty of online footprint calculators available for residents and businesses alike.

Choosing the right energy supplier

When you're shopping for a new energy plan, it's important to get everything you're looking for. That's the benefit of living in Alberta, the first province in Canada to deregulate both its electricity and natural gas markets. You have the power to choose the energy plan that fits your needs, and there's no pressure to sign up for a plan before you've found the perfect solution. Whether finding the right energy solution means picking a plan from a renewable energy company or not, the choice is entirely up to you.